Aerial View of a Pool


North Shore Swimming Academy specializes in Competitive Squads for children / young adolescents. The aim is to target swimmers who take the sport more seriously. These swimmers are determined to enhance their progress and performance needed for their required success. The range of success can range from aiming to win school swimming carnivals to medaling at State placing themselves at Nationals. Swimmers are required to swim multiple times a week and display a work ethic aiming at continual growth and improvement.

Our Academy has a pathway in place which caters for ALL swimmers. Whether you’re a younger swimmer showing high potential (perhaps not ready for Squads) or looking for a program to develop this potential regardless of age. NSSA can provide this with their appropriate pathway which places the kids in different levels / squads based on their ability.

For more information or looking to book an assessment. Please see contact form below.  

Age – Talented 7 year olds -15 year olds

Time Duration – 45mins – 90mins depending on level