Ryan is the leader and owner of North Shore Swimming Academy. Ryan also owns Pymble Swim School & Hornsby Learn to Swim (Group-based swim schools). 

Ryan strongly believes that swimming requires a meticulous and personal approach to get the best out of each swimmer. He strongly believes that swimming requires personal individualisation for; stroke work, skillsets and


race specific conditioning (specific fitness focussing on a particular event –e.g: sprint work for 50 or 100m butterfly). Without this personal attention to detail – the best outcomes cannot be achieved for that individual. Swimming is about finding that ‘edge’ against their competitors and NSSA provides this with proven results across the State & National stage. This mindset and philosophy is engrained within all Ryan’s staff.

Ryan brings a high-level of expertise and knowledge to the business and poolside. Along with his 10 years of experience and immense passion for the sport, specifically teaching and coaching it – Ryan has developed a rare skillset within the swimming community. He is capable of teaching any level of learn to swim all the way through to coaching National level, medal placing squad swimmers.

Ryan is reputable within the swimming community for his ability to get the best out of each child / young adolescent. He lives by the mantra ‘his squad and personal coaching ability is only as good as the weakest in the group’. His reputation extends from his ability of demanding high expectations but building a strong rapport from his swimmers. Students love being taught by Ryan and strongly enjoy the pool environment of which he creates.

Level / Age speciality
- Senior Learn to Swim (The last level of Learn to swim where children are further developing their freestyle, backstroke and aiming to develop Breaststroke & Butterfly legs). Ages 6-12
- Stroke Correction (All 4 strokes) for any degree of difficulty for all aged swimmers. This can be from novice squad swimmers to more advanced swimmers. (Ages 6-15).